Barb-Wire Frenchies
Puppy Purchase Agreement/Guarantee/Contract

identified person_________________("buyer") for the purchase of a puppy/dog/pet.

This is what the seller and buyer acknowledges and agrees to:

1.  Every precaution has been taken to see that your new pet is healthy. Take this pet to
your                       veterinarian within 48 hours of  the date of Purchase in order to validate this
guarantee. If buyer             chooses not to have the pet examined in the above stated time, buyer
assumes full responsibility          and the contract is void.
2.  Buyer understands that a normal bulldog can have medical abnormalities including but not
limited         to: interdigital cysts, cherry eye, joint problems, skin problems (hot spots, demodect
mange,                  dermatitis), heart problems, eyelid abnormalities, elongated soft palate, small
trachea.  These               abnormalities are in every breed and are treatable & curable with proper vet
treatment, therefore,         they are not covered by this contract.   
3. This pet is guaranteed for six months from date of birth against fatal and life altering
congenital              disease not common to the brachycephlic breeds which adversely affects the
health of the pet and       causes problems of a severe life threatening or altering nature. If the pet dies
within six months              time frame, the buyer will pay to have it autopsied at Texas A& M Veterinary
Medical  Laboratory in      Amarillo,Texas.  Confirmation of death must be accompanied by the Texas
A&M Report with the          Avid microchip number on the Report.   If reason is congenital, the Seller
will replace the pet for             equal value according to pet availability. No Refunds, in part or in full, will
be given.  Buyer will pay         all shipping and Veterinary expenses.
4.  Pets that are shipped and/or change of in environment are at risk for Coccidia and Kennel
cough         which is common in pets that are shipped and usually caused by bacteria. Kennel cough is
self             limiting and like the common cold, it must run it course.  Full recovery is expected and
kennel                 cough on its own is not life threatening.  So if you plan to have you pet shipped
instead of picking it       up you need to be aware of this.  This guarantee does not include Coccidia
and Kennel Cough and      other autoimmune disorders. Coccidia needs Veterinary treatment.
5.  Buyer agrees to provide routine veterinary care of this pet; including proper vaccinations,
routine          worm checks, heart worm treatments, and records of such care should buyer have to
return                    puppy for replacement.
6.  Buyer understands contract will be void if buyer fails to provide routine veterinary care, if pet
is              sold, transferred or injured by accident or neglect.  This guarantee does no cover any
common              puppy ailments such as worms, vitamin deficiencies, any viral bacterial diseases or
disorders               brought on by parasites. Hypoglycemia and other condition may occur if the pet
does not eat or if it      becomes cold, overheated or becomes ill or stressed.  Umbilical hernias, or
retained baby teeth           are also not covered.
7.  There is no guarantee or warranty that the Buyer will be able to show or breed the pet
regardless          of show or breeding potentials.
8.  In the event Buyer does not sign contract, Buyer has agreed to contract's terms when the puppy
is         received
9.  Buyer agrees that he/she understands this contract fully, and that this contract is under
jurisdiction         of the State of Texas, Randall County.
10. All Deposits are NON-REFUNDABLE.

New Owner Signature:____________________                 Sellers




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